Answers to your counselling questions

Counselling Fees

What are the fees per therapy session?

Restore Counselling / Psychotherapy fees 2023

£80 per 60 min online session

Fees are subject to review in January each year (Jan 2025)

Is there a reduced fee option available?

I offer a limited number of therapy slots with a reduced fee for people with financial constraints. Please contact me to discuss this and I will let you know if there are slots available.

Is the cost of therapy covered by my health insurance?

Unfortunately at present I can’t accept insurance and I’m not able to provide super bills for out-of-network compensation.

How can I make payment?

Payment can be made in advance of the therapy session by paypal or direct bank transfer.

Counselling Policies

Client Confidentiality

Please be assured of complete confidentiality in our work together. Anything we discuss during our therapeutic work remains confidential, although aspects of our work together may be discussed anonymously with a supervisor.
There are certain exceptions in which psychotherapists/counsellors are ethically and legally bound to breach confidentiality. These include:

  1. If I have concerns about you harming yourself or others.
  2. If I have concerns that a person under 17 is being neglected or abused (emotionally, physically and/or sexually), I am legally obliged under the Children’s First Act 2015 to contact the child protection services.
  3. In the case of unreported child abuse where the perpetrator is alive and has contact with persons under 17, if you disclose identifying information (i.e names and addresses) I am legally obliged to report. I cannot and would not, however, force you to give me this information unless you choose to do so.

I will always endeavour to be transparent and work with you on the best course of action.

Please note that I do not provide assessments, reports or other material to any third persons in insurance claims, mediation or legal disputes.

Online Counselling / Psychotherapy

Regarding online therapy some additional considerations apply to ensure our therapy work remains confidential:
Secure Platform: I use zoom for my online counselling work as it is recommended by experts as a safe and user friendly online counselling platform. Zoom video streaming is also encrypted.

Your location: It is important that you find a sufficiently private, quiet and safe space where you feel you will not be disturbed during our online counselling session. If you are unsure about your own privacy during counselling sessions, let me know and we can consider options together.

Recommendations: Please switch your phone to flight mode and silence any social media updates. Using headphones is recommended to ensure more privacy and better audio quality.

Cancellations and time-keeping

I kindly ask for 48 hours notice to change or cancel a therapy appointment.

Full fees apply if therapy sessions are not cancelled within 48 hours and I am unable to accommodate an alternative slot for you in the same week.

Please text me if you are over 5 mins late for our therapy session. Unfortunately, delays cannot be made up at the end of the sessions.

Frequency, duration and endings

The exact number of sessions you will need varies depending on your individual circumstances. Some clients may require only a few sessions to address a very specific issue, others may wish to continue therapy for several weeks, months or even years. You will know what is right for you.

Former clients are welcome to resume counselling at a later stage, or just arrange an occasional therapy session. Although there may be a waiting list, I will do my best to see previous clients as soon as possible.

Getting started

How do I arrange an appointment?

The first step is arranging an initial call, using the Get In Touch form. Please specify when in the working week you can be reached and I will email you back as soon as I can, with a suggested call-back time.

Other useful information you can add to the message on your form is a general idea of your availability to attend counselling appointments and if your working schedule would allow you to keep the same therapy appointment each week. This will help me get a sense of how soon I am likely to be able to offer you a suitable counselling appointment.

How does online therapy work?

Following our initial call, and if we feel we would like to proceed to work together, I will send you an intake form to complete with some information that will allow me to have a better understanding of your current situation along with a working agreement which provides more detailed information of the boundaries for our work together.

I will then send you a Zoom link in advance of our first meeting and this will be the link to use for each subsequent session.

Other FAQs

What if I’m too afraid to revisit painful or scary episodes in my life?

One of the wonderful things about IFS and SP therapy is that clients don’t actually need to do a deep dive into painful experiences. You will never be asked to share anything during a therapy session that you don’t feel you want to share. Unlike traditional talking therapy you can still experience long-lasting healing, connectedness and a restoration of who you were uniquely made to be without having to revisit those painful memories.

Do you work with couples or children?

No, I only offer therapy to individual adults over the age of 18 years.