Restoring connection, harmony & wholeness

Welcome to Restore Counselling NI.

Hello, I’m Pamela Howe. I’m an Internal Family Systems and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Practitioner based on the north coast of Northern Ireland. I provide online therapy to clients across the world, helping people find harmony, balance and restoring self-leadership.

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How can counselling help?

Are you living the life you’d hoped for?
Do you feel something is missing?
Are you feeling confused about your direction in life?
Is stuff from the past keeping you from living in the present?

When we feel heard, understood and supported by an attentive other we can learn to listen, understand and support ourselves better too.

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Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems provides the opportunity for you to identify the various parts of your personality that make you who you are.

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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy offers a way of connecting the mind and body in a manner that allows the client to process traumatic experiences organically.

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‘It’s never too late to be what you might have been’ George Eliot

"“I felt very comfortable with Pam from the off. I found it surprisingly easy to engage with her and be open with her. I was amazed how naturally our sessions flowed, how safe it felt, and how quickly Pam enabled me to connect with my own inner wisdom and deepest healing resources. I really appreciated the fact that Pam’s patient, gentle approach allowed me to explore the possibilities of IFS at a pace that suited me perfectly.”"

Jon, Brighton

"“Pam is a complete find and an absolute gem. If she has space grab it now! You will not regret it. She is one of those unique therapists who has found her true vocation. She is both heart-centred and brilliant. When she worked with me she absolutely helped me to shift some incredibly deep trauma from a car accident I had. I was not driving but now I am and gently building my confidence. Pam is the real deal. So gentle, so bright and so humble and really a great therapist.”"

Clare, Yorkshire

"“I am so very thankful for the Compassion, creativity, and curiosity that Pam brings to her therapy sessions. She has guided me through my internal system and has been instrumental in helping me understand, witness, and unburden those parts that needed to be heard and healed. I have felt such a shift in my relationship with myself and those around me. IFS is truly the most thorough and effective modality of therapy and has transformed my life!”"

Sandra, Las Vegas